Friday, January 8, 2016

Increasing my Blogging

I've decided to really try and be consistent and blog good content on a regular basis. I am taking a free 6-part course by instructor and author of "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual", John Somnez. The course is written for software developers.

On John's site I signed up for "How To Build A Blog That Will Boost Your Career" ( Again, it's free, and I don't get anything if you sign up.)

John's course takes you through:
  • Deciding on a theme (mine is Understanding Yourself and Others to Improve your Dev Career) 
  • Easily creating an actual blog site using Wordpress + Bluehost (but if you want to use something else, or already have something, no problem) 
  • Creating a big backlog of blog topics 
  • Choosing and committing to a posting schedule, including when you are going to write (I'm going to publish every other Monday, writing on Sunday night) 
  • Generating traffic to your site without using anything scammy 
  • Marketing yourself 

I like the course format. It comes out twice a week. Each email has a couple of homework assignments that require real work but are doable by the next email. I am really keeping up, and I tend to procrastinate some things like this.

Disclosure: Writing and publishing a post about the course is one of this week's homework assignments. It simply says to write a post about the course and include the links. I wrote the content without any input from him, he didn't see it before I published, and I don't get paid for it.

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