Monday, September 29, 2014

Agile Coach Camp Session - Every Tool Sucks

Yesterday, I returned from Agile Coach Camp 2014 in Indianapolis. Here are my recollections from one session:

Every (card wall) Tool Sucks:

Reasons for card wall tools:
  • reporting / analytics
  • distributed / dispersed teams
  • backup / archive
  • regulated industries?

Problems with current tools:
  • hardware costs not low enough for large monitors to show the entire wall
  • when not able to replace physical wall completely, keeping two things in sync is extra work
  • teams often do not keep electronic cards up to date
  • either restrictive workflows or so general-purpose as to make configuration difficult and costly
  • commercial choices are costly
  • continuous improvement of workflow not always easy or quick
  • no participan

What might help:
  • great reduction in price of technologies like large Microsoft Surface monitors
  • QR / barcode recognition, OCR
  • home grown tools? still runs risk of cost/time to improve workflow, process lock-in

Other ideas: