Monday, January 11, 2010

Grand Rapids CodeRetreat ... but it's in Ruby

I'm a big fan of CodeRetreat. Besides being a fun day, it's a great way to practice agile things like: pair programming, supportive environment, software craftsmanship, TDD, retrospectives, courage, and so on. I think they are great events for both aspiring Agilists and experienced Agilists.

I read Jeremy Anderson's blog post about an upcoming CodeRetreat in Grand Rapids. I was all set to go when I read that it will be held in Ruby, and since I haven't used Ruby, I was discouraged. As much as I'd like to try it, I'm not sure how much time I'll have in my schedule before then.

Then I found TryRuby. It offers an interactive Ruby prompt and a follow-along tutorial, right in your browser! And there's another tutorial I found, Ruby in Twenty Minutes .

So I guess I'll have to revisit the sessions I planned to attend this week at CodeMash 2010 and see if there are beginner Ruby sessions. Perhaps, between them and some extra work during downtime, I'll pick up enough Ruby to feel comfortable attending the Grand Rapids Code Mash next month.

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