Sunday, February 14, 2016

Things I am Learning About my Part in Diversity and Inclusion

As a cis-gendered, heterosexual, white man, I want to:

  • do my homework to learn fundamentals about marginalized groups' experiences
  • amplify marginalized people’s voices
  • believe marginalized people's life experiences 
  • understand intent vs impact of what I say
  • be ready for the mistakes I will make
  • accept that the people that my mistakes hurt may be angry
  • accept that they don’t owe me an explanation of why it hurts (see doing homework)
  • not “expect a cookie” for working on diversity and inclusion (pic)
  • understand that being an ally is not a yes/no condition, but requires a level of proactivity
  • find someone besides marginalized people to help me explore my feelings about allyship
  • learn to "check my privilege" and understand that I have privilege even if I had a hard life of poverty and abuse.

If these ideas interest you, please follow the links above and come see me present at Agile and Beyond 2016 this May.


  1. Great reminders no matter your profession. Thank you!

  2. This is awesome. Thanks Jeff! I think we all need to remain really proactive in this battle.

    1. I agree Jake, we should be proactive in educating ourselves and getting our actions and words in alignment with the higher good. I would offer a softer, more feminine approach though to the word "battle." The only thing we are truly fighting is ourselves - and fighting creates tension. Perhaps we can look at this as a healing, or an opportunity to be more whole.

  3. I wish I had added these two privileges to the first line of this post: able-bodied & middle class.